Science Fiction Novel 1

Oasis in Time

It is the 22nd century of the Christian Era (CE). The promising mathematics of the Alcubierre metric has not yet resulted in a faster-than-light drive.

Instead, mankind has mastered nuclear fusion sufficiently to send probes to nearby stars at high fractions of the speed of light (c), to make detailed surveys of earth-like exoplanets in the Goldilocks zone of their respective stars. A hibernation-like stasis has been invented that can keep humans alive indefinitely without aging. So, the nearby stars with confirmed habitable planets are being settled by sub light starships.

Philosopher is a fictional Sol-like star just under 10 parsecs from Earth. Much like Trappist-1, it has multiple planets within the habitable zone, of which one, Plato, has been settled for almost 40 years at the time of this story.

Two of three colonizing expeditions have already landed, twenty years apart. The third, and last, of the planned expeditions is due in two years.

Before leaving Earth, all prospective colonists agreed to the Articles of Landing. They are a constitution for the government of the colony, drawn up by financial donors and colonists to create their ideal society.

Citizenship is conferred on all residents over the age of 16, who meet an educational standard and can pass a qualifying examination. It is a direct democracy wherein all legislative and judicial matters are decided by the vote of all citizens.

Plato has prospered. The settlers from the two colonizing missions and a high birthrate have resulted in a population of over 30,000 living happily on an unspoiled Eden-like planet.

Suspicion and paranoia bloom when the expected third starship turns out to be two of them. A sneaky starship is coming one year ahead of the expected one. The colonists make maximum use of the year they have to prepare for what they fear may be the worst, using their robotic manufacturing facilities and the weapons templates in the colony’s manufacturing databases.

What happens next? You should read the book to find out.

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Under Construction

Science Fiction Novel 2

Exiles in Time

Sequel to Oasis in Time.

It is forty years since two successive invasions of the Philosopher System by mysterious plutocrats have been defeated. In the intervening time, the citizenry of the democratic republic of the colony on Plato has developed an antipathy to any form of human government other than democracy. This includes a strong aversion to privilege, to inherited wealth and to any apologists for what they mock as the winners of the birth lottery and the meritocracy of compound interest.

While nursing their contempt for their adversaries, and warned well in advance of the next invasion, they determinedly and thoroughly prepare for the third attempt to seize their home. A powerful battle fleet, estimated to be at least equal to the firepower of the attacking armada, is prepared. Weaker, more obsolete units of the Republic's space fleet are deployed as a last line of defense for each of the three inhabited planets.

At long last, the latest invasion of the Philosopher system by the murky Trillionaires' alliance arrives, is met in battle and decisively beaten. Unfortunately for the intrepid citizens of what is now called the Ecumenical Republic, a few ships of the invading fleet escape and manage to elude the warships and the vast array of sensors that desperately seek them.

After an extensive search of the vast star system, no sign is found of the still-powerful remnants of the enemy fleet. Suddenly they appear at the weakly defended planet Aristotle before elements of the Republic's more modern warships can reinforce the obsolete fleet protecting the sparsely-settled planet.

The defending fleet gives a fierce account of itself, wreaking havoc on the remaining invaders, but fails to stop the last enemy warship from kidnapping hundreds of the planet's settlers. Fearful of retribution from the approaching relief force, the enemy flees the Philosopher System and into interstellar space.

Then what? Read 'Exiles in Time', the exciting sequel to 'Oasis in Time', to find out.

Science Fiction Novel 3

Neighbours in Time

Sequel to Exiles in Time

The interesting third book of the '. . .in Time' series is now under construction.

Taking place in the Philosopher System after the events of 'Oasis in Time' and overlapping with the events of 'Exiles in Time', the third novel describes the growth and development of the community on the three habitable planets, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

The time-delay in communications between planets tens of millions of kilometres apart makes it impractical to have a single direct democracy of all three inhabited planets. An interactive Citizens Assembly meeting wherein all citizens participate at the same time, can't be sustained between separate worlds. This was anticipated as the population shifted from Plato to the other two planets. So the Republic that governed the community on the originally settled planet of Plato, evolves into a federated Ecumenical Republic of the three planets, each with its own direct democracy and Citizens Assembly.

The simple money-less society which shared all productive assets in common gradually becomes capitalistic with a system-wide digital currency. All productive assets are placed in the hands of the citizenry, with all citizens becoming voting members of the governing bodies of co-operatives in which they work. In the Federated Ecumenical Republic all citizens are shareholders as well as office holders and voters.

At first only observing the community of stone-aged aliens on Plato from afar, eventually direct contact is made with the green-skinned 'Tans'. Humans and Tans slowly and painfully learn to communicate with each other, and to integrate into each others' societies.

Read more, when the third installment in this interstellar saga is completed.

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