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This just sets out the first few topics that I’ll be writing about. In general, these will be topics that deal with the ‘science’ and the social background in the science fiction novels that I’m writing.

The first topic will be the interstellar fusion drive. This is capable of moving large colony ships between Sol and its nearby stars at about three-quarters of light speed (c).

The second topic will be the colonists’ choice of governance once they reach their destination and establish their society. In most cases, the colonists and their financial sponsors signed on to the ‘Articles of Landing’, agreeing to establish a direct democracy. This article will explain what that means.

The third topic will describe the standard equipment and typical ship’s company for a starship that leaves Earth in the 22nd and 23rd centuries CE.

Other topics will follow as appropriate. Here’s hoping you enjoy the topics and the discussion that follows.

Al Venslovaitis

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