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Short Biography

Al Venslovaitis was born in Alberta shortly after his parents immigrated from war-torn Europe. When he was young, Al's parents moved to Toronto. There he grew up and was educated at the University of Toronto. Earning his degrees in Engineering Science and Business Administration, he began his business career in the early 1970s, eventually becoming an Information Technology executive. Twenty years after his first job as the head of computing he shifted careers to be a management consultant in the field of Information Technology.

He has recently moved to Prince Edward County in Ontario, where he has taken up writing. Some ideasĀ  for science fiction novels that have gestated for years are now being developed among the vineyards, breweries, organic farms and gourmet eateries of this beautiful place.

More details of Al's curriculum vitae can be found at Along with a more detailed bio, information about a self-published book that Al has written can be found there. 'Lessons from the Trenches - Perspectives of a survivor CIO', sets out some of his experiences and advice for the benefit of anyone who wishes to become the top Information Technology executive in a substantial enterprise.